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Paul Helou: Links

Glen Roethel
Site of my good friend Glen Roethel, singer/songwriter with a positive message. A top notch songsmith!
Carol Fox Prescott
A truly innovative & inspired acting/performance coach in NY. Carol & Paul offer a music improv/performance workshop together.
Sawstudio pro audio software
Have a PC? Looking for a way to record your music? This program will get you going.
John Mazlish photography
A talented photographer based in NYC
Handcrafting Justice
Fair Trade handcrafted goods by women in the developing world. Beautiful stuff!
Hay House Radio
Get inspired 24 hours a day!
Healing words & water
How the words Love & Gratitude affect water crystals (and your emotions)
Angel's Gate
A hospice/sanctuary for sick animals. They need your support now!
Reiki, inspirational books & CD
High quality books & meditation CDs from reiki master Gary Spolansky
S.B. MacDonald Custom Instruments
Custom built guitars, guitar repair, guitar restoration
News and commentary for the folk, roots and singer/songer communities!
history of makeup in theatre

It's great that children are learning about drama and theater. Thanks for reaching out Rachel. 

"My name is Rachel and I volunteer as a drama teacher to a special group of students. We are preparing for our Winter production of Alice In Wonderland!

After showing the class your website, I challenged them with finding an article that would be useful for our school production as well as for your site and visitors. One of my girls, Cindy, found a really interesting article about the history of makeup and after a class vote, we chose to share her article with you."