<i>On Musical Improv/Theater</i>

“When I'm singing and improvisng with Paul, I feel such incredible joy; a freedom of expression and creativity that makes me giddy.” --Mary Andrews, actress/singer
“Paul has an uncanny ability to breathe along with his performing colleagues so that his improvised guitar accompaniment is like the finest ensemble playing. His moment by moment partnership brings out the best in people. His wonderful sense of humor puts everyone at ease.” --Carol Fox Prescott, Acting/Performance Coach
“The best performance experience I ever had in my life was on stage with Paul Helou. The performance consisted of Paul improvising guitar music to my monologues, interspersed with my dancing to his music while he sang his songs. I literally forgot who was initiating the entertainment. Was it the audience? Was it Paul? Was it me? We were all involved in one grand, transcendent experience. It made no literal sense, but it was magical. Then again, when does magic ever make sense?” --Libby Skala, performer/writer, Lilia!
“Paul Helou . . . creates a mood of intimacy and reassurance . . . improvising according to moods, revelations, encounters . . . reawaken your inner child and take part in true ‘play.’” --Fringe Propaganda

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