"Your music is about the protection of the inviolable self in a rough world -- and that has no age limit."

--Stephen Anderson

<i>On Music with Children</i> 

From James Packard, Long Island Children’s Museum, Garden City, NY "I was most impressed by Paul’s show because of the interactive nature of the performance. He was totally in the moment with his audience, engaging them through original songs and improvisation; in fact, he would turn on a dime and change a song based on the spontaneous reaction from the audience. The performances engaged the adults as well as the children and were very family friendly. Paul’s material is timely, substantive and quality."…Read more

<i>Shows/Music Therapy for Adults</i> 

“He connected with the audience immediately! . . . true entertainers who love to make people happy. . . I was warned that the clients would be roaming around the room during the performance. Nay, nay, not at this performance! The staff was truly surprised at how riveted to the performance everyone was. Bravo.” --Harry Bastian, Hospital Audiences, Inc. “What a terrifically talented young man Paul Helou is. He is an excellent guitar player. His ability to make up a song and sing it on the spur of the…Read more

<i>On Live Performance Bluegrass/Folk</i> 

“Paul, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed picking with you and J.P. up in Asheville last month. I love your guitar playing and especially your singing. You really put on a show! I can see where people could really get hooked on your style and humor.” --Tom, San Antonio, TX “It was delightful to meet you . . . you arrived with your guitar and gave our members such a special treat--your engaging music talent and intriguing lyrics were such great fun for us to hear.…Read more

<i>General Quotes on Paul's Recordings</i> 

“Hi, Paul! Just a short note to say I was listening to your CD this morning while my wife got ready for work. When Sweet Janine came on she came out inquiring, ‘who's that?’ She was really impressed and so rarely shows any interest in Tony Rice, Trishka, Skaggs or any of the other luminaries. This one picked her spirits up. Just thought you'd appreciate knowing that!” --Jim K., NYC “I was wondering if you would send me 2 copies and the new bonus sample for the daycare . . . Thanks. I appreciate…Read more

<i>On Musical Improv/Theater</i> 

“When I'm singing and improvisng with Paul, I feel such incredible joy; a freedom of expression and creativity that makes me giddy.” --Mary Andrews, actress/singer “Paul has an uncanny ability to breathe along with his performing colleagues so that his improvised guitar accompaniment is like the finest ensemble playing. His moment by moment partnership brings out the best in people. His wonderful sense of humor puts everyone at ease.” --Carol Fox Prescott, Acting/Performance Coach “The best…Read more